Kim Fowley: The AMAZING Ugly Things interview

Thanks to Mike Stax for posting this to the internet, in the light of Kim’s passing. Even if you think you have no interest in him, this interview is an engrossing and hilarious read. With Kim going a mile a minute, the interview format is largely moot. Every story is merely a touching off point for Kim’s vast experiences. Names aren’t so much dropped, as bombed, and these are BIG names. Additionally, interviewer Mike Stax is able to wrest out some info on Kim’s lesser known productions, for the true Fowleyphile.

and how did I forget this gem in my previous post?


One noting you into the ground, aka, The “Tight Bros From Way Back When” tape

Do you wanna know who unleashed the greatest guitar solo ever, Robin Trower, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page or Ritchie Blackmore? Just ask Derek.

This recorded phone conversation contains some of the greatest fanboy proselytizing ever put to tape. Unaware of being recorded, Derek expounds upon his intimate knowledge of the live guitar prowess of several legends, whom he has seen while experiencing varying levels of “tripping” or “flipping”. Trust me, when you hear Derek go off. you’ll be as blown away as you would have by the solos themselves. The dude seriously shreds at guitar worship.

The tape is 42 minutes, and all worth a listen, but Derek’s zeal really takes flight in the last section posted here

The rest of the tape is animated at the same site, or you can dl the audio here:

Dangerous Minds was kind enough to get the back story on the tape

This is some of the best eavesdropping this side of the Raymond and Peter tapes (jump ahead and check those out, or I’ll eventually post them here)

Happy Birthday, Roger Glover

I was fortunate enough to get to see Glover hold down the low end with Deep Purple, when they rejoined Ian Gillan, for the Perfect Strangers album and tour, which is as good an excuse as needed for me to post this great track from that album.

and two other cuts of Purple at their most furious