David Lynch’s Return of the Jedi

Bob Vader!


Alright Star Wars fans… the Jar Jar Binks theory that you need to read

Okay, so no amount of crazy character revelation/plot manipulation, in the forthcoming The Force Awakens, is gonna save the prequel trilogy from being the steaming pile that it is, but this theory certainly helps to make it less of an embarrassment to the series as a whole. Suffice it to say, the point is made that Disney, having to acknowledge and include the much despised prequel as both a matter of fact and a still marketable commodity, has, with The Force Awakens, to address one of the major grievances with the prequel. This redditor makes a great case for the best way to do so, and one which is both viable and functional within the established storyline. If you’re into this sorta fan theory, I highly recommend reading both the original post and the comments, which flesh the theory out even further.
And if somehow you’ve made it to this blog and have not seen the new Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens, which is significantly more exciting than the American one, here it is…

R.I.P. to Japanese Fantasy Artist and Illustrator, Noriyoshi Ohrai


It’s Kurt Russell’s birthday, so check out his Han Solo, Star Wars audition tape!

Snake Plissken, Jack Burton, RJ MacReady, the characters that Russell created with John Carpenter are some of my favorite to ever grace the silver screen. Of course it was immediately apparent that Russell was destined for greatness, as he was hand chosen by Walt Disney and his first movie role involved kicking Elvis Presley in the shins…twice!
Can you imagine what might have been… Kurt Russell as Han Solo, or for that matter, William “The Greatest American Hero” Kats, as Luke Skywalker? The mind boggles

an underrated Robert Zemeckis classic, Used Cars

snake plissken war
jack burton crazy

Harrison Ford plane crash, a warning against making Blade Runner sequel?

It looks like the force okayed the return to Han, but said “no way” to Deckard. It’s just like messing with The Ark of The Covenenant. You’re tampering with forces you can’t understand! Who’s with me?
Well it’s either that, or this, that caused the crash. Fact