Just posted video of The Cramps live at the Mudd Club in 1981!!!

Taken from an episode of Paul Tschinkel’s Inner Tube, this footage looks and sounds fantastic! So excited to watch 30 minutes of prime Congo era Cramps! Dig the set list:

01 Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk
02 New Kind Of Kick
03 The Green Fuz
04 Can’t Find My Mind
05 Goo Goo Muck
06 Natives Are Restless
07 TV Set
08 Sunglasess After Dark
09 Voodoo Idol
10 Human Fly
11 I Was A Teenage Werewolf
12 Beautiful Gardens


Spoon cover The Cramps?

I can honestly say that this was unexpected. Obviously no one can compare to Lux and Ivy, but this is a pretty faithful, and therefore noisy, cover. I’m pretty sure that the Poltergeist remake from which this was taken is gonna suck wildly, but if it gets a few kids to listen to The Cramps, I’ll give it a thumbs up.


Song Of The Day: The Phantom – Love Me

In honor of Poison Ivy Rorschach’s birthday, here’s a slice of demented genius that The Cramps brought to wider attention via their cover.

and thanks to the always insightful Dangerous Minds for giving us the back story to it

Happy Birthday To Style Icon, Rock and Roll Goddess and Living Legend, Poison Ivy! Pt II – The Style!

Lux Interior & Poison Ivy! (CRAMPS) - looking hippie in April 1972

Happy Birthday To Style Icon, Rock and Roll Goddess and Living Legend, Poison Ivy! Pt I – The Music

Poison Ivy and Lux Interior were the most exalted potentates of Punk Rock. They were Rock and Roll disciples, spreading the salvation of the good word (the bird, of course) to lost souls the world over. They extolled the virtues of America’s primitive, forgotten/unknown musical heroes, simultaneously becoming the ultimate embodiment of that very spirit. From their inception in 1976, through Lux’s unfortunate passing in 2009, The Cramps maintained their distinctive sound, as though impervious to trends and technological advancements. The fact that they did it all as a happy couple, only makes it that much more satisfying. I cannot think of a couple whom I envy more. Happy birthday, Ivy. R.I.P. Lux. Long live The Cramps!
Great footage from the Date With Elvis tour

The LEGENDARY Napa State Mental Hospital gig. The inmates are running the asylum!

The Cramps introduced an entire generation of punks to the music of crazed genius, hillbilly masters like Hasil Adkins

And Johnny Burnette’s frenetic Tear It Up

and The Groupies, Prmitive